UCSC Genome Browser on ARS1 Aug. 2016 (Goat/ARS1) Assembly
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29:34,827,823-34,827,949 127 bp.
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-   Mapping and Sequencing
Base Position
GC percent
Short Match
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
Goat NCBI Genes
Goat Ensembl Genes
Sheep NCBI Genes
Cattle NCBI Genes
Cattle Ensembl Genes
hg38 UCSC Genes
-   Expression and Regulation
cattle liver H3K4Me3
cattle liver H3K4Me1
sheep adipose H3K4Me3
cattle testis H3K4Me3
cattle bESC H3K4Me3
goat rumen H3K27Ac
cattle liver H3K27Ac
sheep liver ATACseq
sheep adipose H3K27Ac
cattle testis H3K27Me3
cattle bESC H3K27Me3
sheep rumen ATACseq
cattle longissimus dorsi H3K4Me3
human H3K4Me3
human H3K27Ac
human H3K4Me1
human H3K27Me3
regulatory regions
-   Comparative Genomics
Cons 100 Verts
Cons 20 Mammals
Pecora phyloP
67-way Multiz Align